Roof Inspections

Don't Let That Trickle Turn Into a Flood

Get help from a reliable roof inspection service from Raleigh to coastal Carolina

Raleigh to coastal Carolina sees its fair share of stormy weather, and storm-damaged roofs along with it. But putting buckets under the leaks in your ceiling isn't a long-term solution. Instead, turn to a trusted roofing contractor. A specialist from Deklan & Grey Coastal Roofing will inspect your roof and make the necessary repairs.

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Let our pros do the legwork

Let our pros do the legwork

You don't have to drag out the ladder and climb up on your roof if you suspect it's been damaged. Instead, hire us for a roof inspection. You can rest easy knowing that we'll:

  • Check for damage you can't see from the ground.
  • Spot even small signs of damage you might have missed.
  • Help you find and fix problems before they get worse.

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